Welcome Center

Clare United Methodist church family wishes to be a welcoming church. One way we say that is with approximately three feet high letters on the outside of our church building. These letters say, OPEN MINDS, OPEN HEARTS & OPEN DOORS. When you walk through the doors of our lobby and into our Trinity area you will first be met by our greeters with a smile and a hand shake. The next thing you will see is our WELCOME CENTER DESK. If you take a moment to stop by there, either before church starts or after church, there is lots to see and learn about. We have brochures about whats going on at our church and other brochures, booklets and tracts about what is happening in our world today and how we, with God can help or get help. We will try to answer questions about our Sunday School classes, children's nursery, small groups, weekday and evening meetings, etc. We will have flyer's and newsletter about up-coming in church and out of church activities. Some of these include dinners, ice cream socials, movies, picnics, and much, much, more. We also have books, tapes, and dvd's available to lend out. We hope you stop and visit us at our welcome center soon and also have a complimentary cup of coffee or punch and a snack in our new and relaxing Trinity area.