Welcome & Hospitality Team

Something special happens when you are the guest and someone hands you a warm cup of coffee and a snack and then invites you to a quiet conversation while sitting around the table.  You feel welcomed and at ease. This adds to your worship experience.

This team seeks to be hosts and hostesses for family and guests to our Sunday morning worship services, as well as special events.


Worship Design Team

This team works together to create an atmosphere that help the worshiper focus on the Creator for the short time they are in our building each week.

This team is made up of our Pastor, Worship Arts Leader, Choir Director and Av/Tech Team Leader and Adult Praise Team Leader.

Others who contribute to the complete worship experience include: Our Ushers, Greeters, Worship Assistants,  and Communion Stewards.


Worship Arts Team

This team uses various means to create a welcome and thoughtful atmosphere from the entryways to the altar table. This team also uses their artistic abilities to enhance the themes of our Pastor's messages and to celebrate the different seasons. In addition, this team design patterns, and then produces banners to accentuate the sanctuary based on the seasons of the year and Bible themes.


Caring & Sharing Ministry

The Caring & Sharing Ministry Team meets the needs of some of our congregation by sending cards to those who are unable to attend church, to those who are ill and to those in need of sympathy.  This ministry also coordinates meals for those returning home with limitations, sends care packages to college students and persons in the military, and organizes a phone contact ministry with and for those who live alone.


Caring Friends Ministry

The Caring Friends Ministry team members visit, pray with, and offer communion to our shut-ins at care facilities, home, and, at times, the hospital on a regular basis. They also meet together with the pastor regularly to pray, debrief and encourage one another.


Saturday Soup Ministry

On the last Saturday of each month, the Saturday Soup ministry provides a free meal of soup, sandwich, salad or fresh vegetables, dessert, and drinks to anyone who comes. In addition, personal care items, laundry care, and other items are available, free, for anyone to take. While this ministry does help to stretch the grocery budget, it was intended and has become a place to mingle, build friendships, and be an activity to look forward to and help get out of the house. This ministry regularly serves 70 persons and has served over 100.  The goal is to be a blessing to as many as can be reached.



The aim of this ministry is to clean 4 miles of the highway (two miles of the entrance ramp going north and coming south).  This program helps to keep our environment clean, increases the beauty of our highways to residents and tourists.  We do this to every changing of the seasons.  Watch bulletins  and newsletters for updates.