The Worship Committee

We have a basic working committee, but also the communion preparers, the usher coordinator, the greeter coordinator, the altar guild chairperson and the liturgist coordinator are a part of worship. The Worship Committee takes care of decorating for the sanctuary. We are concerned with each church season, providing paraments and banners, all of which have been made within our church. We also use the Christmas tree, the cross, the swag over the sanctuary door, window sill decorations, plus butterflies and garlands. Our decorationing even spills outside with wreaths and small banners. We also decorate the narthex/lobby and hall. We try to provide inspiring, interesting and welcoming surroundings for worship. The church seasons are Christmas (white), Epiphany (green), Lent (purple), Easter (white), Pentecost (red, only one Sunday), Kingdomtide (green, but also is open for other colors), Advent (dark blue).