Term Begins

Term Ends

Altar Guild    Team Leader  Janice Buckley    
Assistant Financial Secretary Tracy Brooks    
Caring & Sharing Mary Lee    
                        co team leader Marcia Wyman    
                        co team leader Ellen Fuller    
  Carol Pilon    
  Debbi Kasper    
  Rose Musser    
 Caring Friends Visiting Ministry      

Marcia Wyman

Ellen Fuller

Mary Lee

Jan Wagoner

Carol Pilon

Jan Buckley

Darlyn Turner

Jane Seibt

Lee Ann Benic

Judy Hubel

Ron & Jean Burrows

Sue Neff

Barb Lippold

Debbi Kasper




Certified Lay Speakers  Wilma Phillips    
  Larry Wyman Sr.    
 Certified Lay Servant  Janice Buckley    
 Local Lay Servants

Karen Mater

Barb Tyler

Chairperson - Vision Influence Team Pastor John Kasper    
Child Care Board Dale Moser     
  Janet Dice    
  Tony Taylor    
  Rhonda Goin    
  Barb Tyler    
Chairperson - Child Care Center  Gail Neff    

 Clare UMC Child Care & Preschool

Building Committee

 Larry Wyman Jr.

Gail Neff

Janice Buckley

Ellen Fuller

Steve Kingsbury

Scott Vanhoose

Bob Seiter(Advisory/Consultant)

 ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM          Leader  Mary Ann Shurlow    
                                         Secretary  Laurie Hilyard    
                                           Fin. Chair  Paul McNeilly    

Deb Bongard

                                        Trustee Chair  Rose Musser    

                                         SPRC Chair

                                      Lay Leader

          Lay Member to Annual Conf.

        Alternate Lay Member

               Membership Secretary

              Vision Influence Team Leader

             Child Care Bd. Chairperson


Larry Wyman Sr.

Sue Neff

Amelia Kasper

Judy Bailey

Pastor John Kasper

Gail Neff

Communion Stewards               8:15 Gail Neff          Barb Kunse    
                                             11 00 Judy Hubel     Kathy Jarred    
  Carol Pilon       Barb Lippold    
 Communion Server Coordinator Judy Bailey    
    Lay Leader  Larry Wyman Sr.    
  Recording Secretary  Laurie Hilyard    
  Children's Ministry  Debbi Kasper    
  Youth Ministry  Rachel MacGregor    
  Small Grouop/ Ed.      
 Welcome and Hospitality Linda Droomer     



Caring & Sharing

Worship Design

Worship Arts/Altar Guild

Child Care Board Chair


 Wilma Phillips

Darlyn Turner

Marcia Wyman & Ellen Fuller

Pastor John

Janice Buckley

Gail Neff

Elvis Denton






   Nick Wyman   2017    
   Paul McNeilly  2018    
   Jerry Witbeck  2019    
                                Treasurer  Deb Bongard    
                 Finance Secretary  Gail Neff    
 Asst. Finance Secretary  Tracey Brooks    
 Lay Leader  Larry Wyman Sr.    
 Trustee Chair  Rose Musser    
 ******************************  ***********************    
                     Chairperson  Rose Musser 2018    
   Deb Gloss     2019    
   Bill Droomer 2019    
   Bill Beemer   2018    
   Don Hopkins 2017    
   Cathy Frederick 2017    
 *****************************  ********************    
 Staff Parish Relations  Sharon Doxtader  2019    
   Mike Goin             2019    
   Elvis Denton         2018    
   Dave Lee              2018    
   Kay Moser            2017    
   Barb Kunse           2017    
                       Lay Leader  Larry Wyman Sr.    

           Lay Member to A.C.


 Sue Neff

Pastor John


Karen Gloss Camp Endowment

Dave Gloss (Chairperson)        

Pastor John

  Children's Ministry    Debbi Kasper    
  Youth Ministry Rachel MacGregor    

Camp Dean: Tracy Lubs

Treasurer        Deb Bongard

 ********************************  ************************    
Lay Leadership Committee Connie Strouse 2017    
   Carol Beatty    2017    
   Kindra Norlander  2019    
  Wilma Phillips       2019    
  Dave Gloss           2018    
   Barb Kunse         2018    
Welcome Center Linda Droomer    
 Food & Fellowship                  Kindra Norlander (11:00 Service)    
   Sharon Doxtader (8:15 Service)    
 Usher/Greeter Coordinator  Scott Lubs    
 Nursery  Kim Ward    
   Tonya Willman    
            Adult Assistants  Barb Tyler and Elvis Denton    
                        Parents  Kathy Warner    
 Family Camp Dean  Tracy Lubs    
 Amall Group/Adult Education  Larry Wyman Sr.    
        Sue Neff                               
   Wilma Phillips    
   Pastor John    
 Children's Ministry Team  Debbi Kasper    
 All Team Members of Impact Zone      
 Vital Church Initiative Team  Pastor John    
   Rose Musser    
   Kathy Warner    
   Kindra Norlander    
   Janice Buckley    

Scott Lubs

Larry Wyman Sr.

   Ellen Fuller    
   David Gloss    
 Saturday Soup Supper leaders  Rose Musser and Laurie Hilyard    
 Offering Counters  Dave & Colleen Bremer    
   Sue Atwood & Tracey Brooks    
   Colleen Moore & Jeanne Shelander    
Technical Assistance Committee Troy Bongard (Chairperson)    
   Tony Taylor    
   Barb Tyler    
   Ken Teall    
United Methodist Women (UMW) President  Darlyn Turner    
UMW Vice President  Jeanne Shelander    

UMW Secretary

UMW Treasurer

Spiritural Growth

Program Resources

 Kathy Englehart

Colleen Bremer

Sue Neff

Jeanne Shelander



Worship     Team Leader


Janice Buckley





  Karen Mater    

Bobbie Schunk

Ellen Fuller




  Lucy Monzo    
  Sharon Doxtader    
  Kay Moser    
Worship Design Team Sue Neff    
  Tracy Lubs    
  Janice Buckley    
  Pastor John Kasper    
  Troy Bongard     


Youth Director

Rachel MacGregor